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My Favorite Shirt: Why I Chose Henleys

my favorite shirt green henley

A lot of friends and family have asked me why I chose henleys as Marka’s first product. Often I reply back with a wide grin, “Because it’s my favorite shirt”. 

Now this isn’t usually the answer they are looking for, and I’m assuming it’s not the one you’re looking for either. So why did I actually choose henleys?

  1. They’re stylistically versatile. Henleys are the perfect base layer for a lot of different outfits for both men and women. Some of my favorites: under your company branded vest, with a distressed jeans jacket, or sleeves rolled up with a new watch.
  2. They’re situationally versatile. Not only does the wide variety of outfits increase their versatility, but their fabric and construction also shine in many situations. The fabric we used breathes enough for activity, but also keeps you warm when it’s cold. Just last week I wore mine as a base layer skiing! The softness is also perfect for long flights where comfortability is crucial, but maybe you’re not quite ready for the sweatpants and hoodie IDGAF look. My favorite use, however, is for what I like to call Office Sharp. You want to look good at the office, but your coworkers frown at tucked in button downs. Show them what’s up in a Marka henley.
  3. I couldn’t find one I loved. Fact: there’s a lot of brands that make henleys. Also fact (for me at least): something is always wrong with them. Too boxy through the midsection. The fabric sucks. Too expensive. The dreaded cuffs-roll-down-after-five-minutes syndrome. How could it be this hard to make an awesome henley? Turns out it isn’t.
  4. They stand the test of time. Henleys have been around longer than blue jeans and aren’t going anywhere (check back next week for post worthy of your high school history teacher). 50-year-old you will thank you for thinking ahead.

But the most important reason for me is that these henleys helped me find my Marka. The hundreds of hours I spent perfecting the fit, fabric, and mission statement of my company remind me of the passion I have for the industry. It reminds me that I’m in my element.

Do you have a favorite shirt?

You should.